December FYI Newsletter

Hours of Operation: The Youth Center daily hours, throughout the School Year are: Monday – Friday, 2:00pm – 7:00pm. The building follows the school calendar. The only exception for this is when there are Special Events scheduled. The Youth Center is Closed on Saturday & Sunday.  

Road to Success Program: RTS has helped 128 young adults earn their GEDs to date with 14 earning honors.  This month we enrolled four new students, four students are on track to start college in January, four earned their GEDs, and three obtained employment.  Workshops this month included presenters from SAYS Youth Services, Coaching the Global Village conducting a series of mock interviews which included local businesses, students earned their First Aid & CPR certifications as well as, earning $50 each.  RTS students, staff and friends enjoyed a Thanksgiving Luncheon at Golden Coral in Palm Coast paid by RTS.  If you have any questions about the Road to Success Youth Program contact, Brian Willard, Program manager at 386-437-8279.  

Students Working Against Tobacco Beach Clean-Ups: By: Destiny Cole

Flagler County Youth Center’s SWAT Chair and SWAT Youth Advocacy Board

One of Flagler County’s most prominent landmarks would have to be the beach. Thousands of people go to Flagler Beach for the roaring waves and the soft coquina sand. Unfortunately, with many people going to the beach, many leave litter behind. Litter can range from bottles to left towels, but the most dangerous and habitat effecting is tobacco litter.  Tobacco litter covers a wide variety of things such as left over chew containers, cigar wrappers, and the most widespread, cigarette butts. Cigarette butts cover such a large portion of litter on Flagler’s beach. This is where the SWAT mission comes in. SWAT stands for Students Working Against Tobacco. Our mission is to stop tobacco companies from affecting our lives in the negative way that tobacco does. One example of tobacco’s negative effects is when someone smokes, and when he or she litters leaving it for everyone else to deal with. SWAT students from all over Flagler County have worked to help stop litter on our beach.Every few months, Flagler beach holds a beach cleanup, and every year there is the International Beach Cleanup. Students ranging from elementary through high school show up to work for hours to perfect our beach. “The beach cleanups allow us to help our community by removing unwanted trash, particularly tobacco litter. By doing this we can make our community a safer and cleaner place through cleaning the beach.” Katelynn Covington (SWAT Vice Chair from Flagler County Youth Center). Since tobacco butts are not biodegradable, that is what we pick up the most. Days after special events such as the Fourth of July celebration are always the worst! Daniel Yevseyevich (SWAT Vice Chair from Flagler County Youth Center) noted: “I am proud to be apart of the beach cleanups because I enjoy helping out my community by cleaning up litter and cigarettes from the beach and making my community clean and safe.” The youth of Flagler County want to make a change for the better and it all starts within our community.

Student Advisory Councils’ Holiday Happening: On Tuesday, December 19th , after school, the Student Advisory Council is sponsoring a FREE Trick and Treat Give-a-way. All that enter the building will receive a ticket for the drawing. Once your number is drawn you get the opportunity to pick Candy or a special surprise.