Computer Policy

1. You must meet age requirements for the access of the social media website being visited. Underage use will result in loss of computer room privilege.

2. NEVER post personal information on the internet which includes - address, telephone number, age, birthday, social security number, school name, and location.

3. If you accidentally open an inappropriate site close it IMMEDIATELY. Prolonged viewing will result in loss of privileges.

4. Food, Beverages, and Gum are not permitted in the Computer Lab!

5. DO NOT USE FCYC Computer’s or Internet to send and/or receive personal photos.

6. When using FCYC Computer Lab keep in mind that THE FLAGLER COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY, is also in effect.

7. You must respect all FCYC staff and All participants are required at all times!

8. Volume must be kept low while using computers. If necessary, use headphones while using the computers in the lab.

9. Computer Room downloading and installation is strictly prohibited. 
DO NOT: Download Software, Install Own Software and copy files.

10. Don't respond to any unknown messages. Many of those are used to trap unsuspecting people into viewing pornographic and often dangerous material.

11. If these rules and regulations are not followed. One or more of the following Discipline Actions will be taken!


  • Loss of Computer Lab privileges.
  • Loss of use of the Flagler County Youth Center.
  • Punishment by Home School.
  • Possible Legal Actions
  • Appeals, to decide actions can be made to the Student Advisory Council whose decision is final.

Continued use of this computer indicates you understand all of the above Policies, Regulations and Discipline Actions.



Cheryl Massaro, Director, Brandon Seminara, Asst. Director