Summer 09

Mr. Shannon "Coach" Diamond, returns this year as Assistant Director of the Flagler County Youth Center and Summer Program Director, Front desk responsibilities will be in the competent hands of veterans: Ms.Laura Bloom and Ms. Dottie Shelton. Our 2009 Senior Counselors will be headed by returning counselor Brandon Seminara (FPC), a very competent young man who serves as Chair the Youth Center Student Advisory and is our designated Web-Master. Also returning this year a recent MHS graduate, Marleigh Mlinac. Our third Sr.Counselor is Vinny Chechhi. Vinny is not new to the Youth Center, for he has worked in the past as one of our Rink Managers.


The following individuals have officialy aged out of our program, but are interested in assisting with camp coverage and hopefully working there way into a part-time position in years to come. We are happy to haveConor Bertha, Adam Gonzalez, Chase Gindin, Alicia Hineman, Christina Jackson, Matt Manizione, Kyle Seminara, Ashton Stevens, Brandon Rodriguez, and Jon Weaver. I almost forgot that we have to have Jr.Counselors: Jessica Arnold & Frankie Short, whos responsibility includes helping counselors as needed.

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