COVID Information

2020 Summer Camp Information

The safety and well-being of our students and staff is a top priority for Flagler Schools.  In accordance with the guidance of state and local orders as well as recommendations from the CDC, the Flagler County Youth Center will adhere to the following COVID-19 guidelines below until further notice. Starting on June 15th, the Flagler County Youth Center will open camp for up to 27 campers. Campers will be separated into 3 groups of 9 campers so that we can maintain social distancing guidelines. Registration and number of campers will be dependent upon CDC Guidelines. In order to register you will need to visit There will be a weekly fee of $50 for anyone registering starting June 1st. For those registered and paid prior to June 1st, you are locked in at the previous rate. Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis until all slots are filled. Once we reach our capacity the form will be shut off until more spaces are available. At that point we will establish a waiting list. If a camper drops out or if we are able to have larger groups we will invite those on the waiting list.


Out of abundance of caution and in an attempt to limit the amount of people coming into the facility, parents will be instructed to drop kids off in the morning while remaining in their cars. In an effort to limit the touch points, a staff member will meet the student prior to entering the Youth Center and perform a daily health screening and then opening the door for that camper.  Parents will be permitted to come inside in the afternoon so a staff member can verify that they are approved to pick up the camper by verifying a government issued picture ID. In an attempt to keep both the staff member and parent safe, we will install a plexiglass barrier that parents must remain behind. 


A staff member will Conduct Health Screenings for all campers prior to allowing them entry to the Youth Center Staff members performing health screenings will wear proper PPE (face covering and gloves). Health screening will consist of a temperature check using a district-provided thermometer to ensure campers entering the facility have a temperature less than 100.4 degrees, three screening questions, and a sign in sheet. 

Campers must answer “no” to the COVID-19 related questions before they will be permitted to enter.


Some new policies and procedures will also be implemented. 

  • Staff will wear masks while inside the Youth Center.

  • Encourage washing of hands often. 

  • Ensure that students are maintaining social distance guidelines while inside the facility. 

  • Ensure that groups of campers are in the room they are assigned to. 

  • Encourage campers to wear masks and wash hands often.  

  • Provide materials (clorox wipes and hand sanitizer) and instruction to campers on sanitizing equipment after use. 

  • Ensuring that all equipment has been properly sanitized after each use.

  • Create adequate space between individuals during lunch by requiring two empty seats between campers at each lunch table and campers will be required to only sit on one side of the lunch table while eating lunch. 


If you have any questions please email [email protected]