On Monday, June 11th, we spent time introducing all staff members, as well as reviewing our expectations of ALL participants.“Coach”  once again will serve as Assistant Director of the Flagler County Youth Center and Summer Program Director. Front desk responsibilities will be in the competent hands of  rookie: Ms. Linda McKenny, and long term veteran: Ms. Dottie Shelton. Our 2012 Senior Counselors include: Long term campers and rookie employees Melissa Boyles, Mike LoCastro, and Nick Ohree. Nick also serves as Chair of the Youth Center’s Student Advisory Council andMike is our Vice Chair.  The Senior Staff  rounds out with retuning employees: John McDevitt and Jonathan Weaver, a freshman at Western Florida University. The remainder of our staff is comprised with Volunteers and CIT’s or Counselors in Training. CIT’s officially aged out of our program, but are interested in assisting with camp coverage and hopefully working their way into a part-time position, in years to come. We are happy to have:  Bianca Aviles, Christopher & Mike Bevacqua, Jake Bowman, Zachery Branning, Nicolette Gemelli, Michael Parker, Ally Russell, Chandler Russell, and Kayla Webster.  




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