On Monday, June 11th, we spent time introducing all staff members, as well as reviewing our expectations of ALL participants. New this year, but is not new to the Youth Center or the Summer Camp is Assistant Director of the Flagler County Youth Center and Summer Camp Program Cordinator, Brandon Seminara. Front desk responsibilities will be in the competent hands of  rookie: Ms. Natasha Rodriguez, and Eric Guerrero . Our 2013 Senior Counselors include: Returning counselors: Jon WeaverNick Ohree, and Melissa Boyles. New this year is Nicolette Gemeli and Bianca Alviles.  The remainder of our staff is comprised with Volunteers and CIT’s or Counselors in Training. CIT’s officially aged out of our program, but are interested in assisting with camp coverage and hopefully working their way into a part-time position, in years to come. We are happy to have:Christopher & Mike Bevacqua, Michael Atkinson, Andrea Abreu, Kenny Bell, Steve Garris, Russell Montgomery, Bianca Secor, Hunter Turner


Camp Champions:   Every summer, camp wide tournaments are held in a number of games to determine Camp Champions. Each Camp Champion is awarded $20.00 to use on their selection of Camp Trip they wish to attend. The2013 Camp Champions IncludeAir Hockey: Matt Arnold, Checkers: Austin Branning, E-Games: Christian DeCruz, Jenga: Ashia Barnes, Ping-Pong: Cameron Beckerand 8-Ball: Enzo Castillo. Congratulations to all 2013 FCYC Summer Camp Champions!

Tennis Tuesdays:  Every summer, the Palm Coast Friends of Tennis, coordinates FREE Tennis lessons for interested campers. Campers not missing a clinic, were awarded the last day with a Racket. The following campers took advantage of this wonderful opportunity: Klarissa Appiah, Gabriella Bevacqua, Trent Hamilton, Selah Hammond, Taylor Hunley, Kayla Jarrett, Jade Louis-Jeune, Daniel Oren, and Ava Smedburg. Special thanks to FCYC Staff: Nick Ohree, who originally, as a camper years ago, participated in the activity, which led him to become a member of the FPCHS Boy’s Tennis Team.

Arts & Crafts: Campers were given an opportunity to participate in Arts & Crafts activities led by Natasha Rodriguez,FCYC Staff Member. Two big projects included Tidying items brought to camp by campers and making items out of a variety of Duck Tape. 2013 participants included:   Andrea Abreu, Klarissa Appiah, Gabriella Bevacqua, Valerie Diaz, Bianca Secor, Eva Smedburg, and Samantha Torres.


Bowling for $$$$: Three times every summer, FCYC Summer Campers have the opportunity to Bowl for Dollars. For every strike made, each bowler receives One Dollar.  BIG winners this summer included: Kenny Bell, and Devon Schack.